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Miss Kirk,

You are too kind!  Although I do agree with the overall smooth running of the entire affair.  I was ecstatic with the perfect weather, since, at one point, I had to plan for snow.  I wore my dress for what will probably be the last time last night as I accepted congratulations from the family and friends of Mr. Tilney.

Our honeymoon has been a time of bliss, happiness, and lots of Disney!  But, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  We begin our journey back to reality tomorrow.  I will now be working full time and continuing to seek for teaching employment.  Now the fun of putting our apartment together really starts though, so that is a definite advantage.

My own family is not done with wedding planning it seems.  My younger sister announced her own engagement last week and intends to be wedded by the end of August.

With my own nuptials behind me, I am even more anxious for you to enter into the same state.  Your planning will pay off.  The entire event will be lovely.  And you will find the same happiness.  You’ll see.  Press on!


Mrs. Tilney (still adjusting to that!)

PS-Wishing you a happy birthday this coming Tuesday!  We should set up a lunch or dinner date at some point. 🙂


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Perhaps I am being naive or just not allowing the stress of planning an entire (fabulous) wedding in under three months, but I am not (currently) all that stressed.  There have been instances which just aobut pushed me to the brink of insanity, but I simply put them out of my mind until I was of a more sound mental state.  But I still have a long ways to go.

I began the search for “the dress” this past Saturday with my mother and baby sister.  I had no clue what to expect from said experience.  Truth be told, I felt rather panicky.  And then I fell in love with the first dress I tried on.  There was at least one other possibility as well.  While I loved the first, I like to shop around.  So, I ventured forth once again this afternoon and this dress was the favorite of the day.  However, there are still other stores to shop around in (and other people to accompany me–yourself included).

But other than that one outing and multiple small talks, I don’t think my mom has truly begun to think wedding yet.  She and my dad leave for California tomorrow and I intend to use their absence in my favor to have as much information for them as possible once they return.  My mom cannot avoid the subject for much longer!  I’m expecting things will kick into full gear once she returns from vacation.

On my end, young master Tilney and myself spent four hours beginning the process of registering ourselves with local businesses (namely Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond).  FOUR HOURS!!!  Of little more than window shopping.  I am not the world’s biggest fan of shopping, so while the scan gun is rather entertaining (especially in the hands of the guy), I retired for the evening utterly exhausted.  And I shall have to modify the registry as my mental faculties return (assuming they do, that is).

And that, my dear, is a fairly accurate summary of the only plans I have made (other than the locale, which I have already told you about).  We shall need to meet again soon so I can talk out my likes/dislikes of my current dress selections, ideas for decor, etc.  In other news, Mr. Tilney has already planned out the honeymoon–a getaway with multiple benefits, such as enjoying the relief of pulling off such a spectacular affair! 🙂

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