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One word, my darling, “recession.”  Others less fortunate than we (and you will admit even we are not what the ton would consider affluent) are straining under debts that I cannot even imagine!  Prospecting and speculating have always been dangerous enterprises, albeit often profitable to a few, but now seeming all we know have become entangled in the mess it has left in its wake.  I think we must be careful, dear, that we do not fall into the same patterns and mistakes.  Now!  The secret is simple organisation, determine what it is that you love AND need, that which you just need, that which you merely love, and that which is not necessary.  Allocate funds accordingly.  It’s basic I know but rather effective.  For example, I adore going with you to our favorite haunt, but my poor pocketbook doesn’t.  Therefore I limit the number, et voila!

There, I have fufilled my obligations and my spirit of Christian industry has been appeased.  Far more humanly I say: do not ever skimp on shoes!  I will also say that I found that if I attempted to eat healthy I never went hungry.  It may mean eating simply, note, but I was far stronger, vivid, and energized when I ate fresh fruit and vegetables with good breads, cheeses, and meats than I ever was trying to survive on ramen!

Yours in poverty but still in style,
Miss Kirk


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