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My Dear Lady Rivenhall,

I find myself shocked at breach of propriety committed by myself, and must endeavor here to correct it.

Upon my publishing of a certain letter in a public, though sparse, forum, you offered a few very kind words in response, for which I neglected to send proper thanks. As the topic was very personal and a subject of some embarrassment, perhaps my breach is understandable. But let me rectify it now.

Many thanks, my dear, for reminding me that on occasion, the powers of persuasion exerted by a certain town to the South are, in fact, very much lacking in sound judgment. Indeed, the population that fills our entire State has created a Way of Thinking that I find myself hard-pressed to accept. As ready as I am to defend myself, my actions, and my opinions, it is a relief to be reminded by yourself and my own good sense that on some (indeed, many) matters, explanations and defenses are not or should not be necessary. Although I have not yet committed a large enough lapse in manners as to pointedly remind interlocutors that there are some matters they have no right inquiring on, I have, since receiving your support, politely avoided such inquiries with answers that were appropriately vague, and felt absolutely no guilt while doing so!

Such a society we must interact with! When entering on a new acquaintance, I often find myself shocked at the inquiries they deem proper to pose to a young lady! Upon finding myself entered into the state of bliss, many new friends think themselves entitled to solicit information regarding the growth of my family circle, not even realizing what a shocking breach of propriety they commit. I am sure you must have encountered such individuals since your own entrance to the state of bliss, dear Lady Rivenhall. Know that you have my sincerest condolences.

My own state is not assisted by the situations of my various siblings, as I find those of my extended family anxious to see myself and dear Mr. Elliot follow the examples set for us. Happily, the attention of various parties are, at present, diverted, as my eldest nephew will soon be forced to relinquish his title as Only Child of my brother. Perhaps, by the time my brother’s wife has entered into her confinement, my sister will do me the honor of following her example in my place.

In any case, my dear, I do enjoy our correspondence, limited as it is, and look forward to our meeting at a certain soiree upon the week’s end! Thank you again for your support, and know that I may also be counted on for such, in kind.

Gratefully Yours,
Mrs. Elliot

(The list you referred to is, alas, not in tangible existence, as such. However, if you should like to enlist my aid in creating one with you, I would be quite amenable to the idea.)


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