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My Dearest Miss Kirk,

You have my fondest congratulations and well wishes for both you and Mr. Rivenhall.  I have no doubt that while the next few months may try your patience, test your planning and decision making abilities, and bring up unpredictable sources of vexation, the two of you shall be very happy with one another’s company for eternity.  And with that, I too must seek for good tidings.  This past weekend I too entered into the happy stage of engagement. 

Close Up

Close Up

May we both be able to deal with the upcoming months with grace, elegance, and, if all else fails, Triple Choc-Choc-Choc-Chocolate Chunk and Uncle Bubba’s Big Belly Butter Brickle.  Or not, since we will both be needed to look radiant in our wedding dresses.  Hmm…I shall let you know when I come up with a suitable alternative.

Until then, yours joyously,

Miss Pevensie


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My darlings,

I must ask you for your congratulations (or perhaps Mr. Rivenhall must ask you for your condolences…), I am engaged to be married! 

Yours excitedly,
Miss Kirk

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