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My darlings,

I’ve been thinking a lot about the problem I posed in my last letter and have come to some conclusions.  Do let me know what you think.

The unpleasant truth is that it is all very well for one to say “follow your dreams,” but what you are seldom told is that dreams and ambitions come with a price, even good and noble ones.  That life boiled down to its basics is little more than cold economics: what will you borrow, trade, steal or barter to get something else?  And certainly no one ever says that living life (and I don’t mean just existing, I mean participating in the chaos) is a lot like playing the stock market, learning to balance wild speculation with prudence.

No dream or hope comes free I am learning, although like most of us I don’t think I’m always aware I’m constantly paying a price.  The price of comfort and a roof over my head is employment.  The price of employment is that it often becomes hard to concern myself with more than the day-to-day.

I don’t think people give up their hopes, at least not until the very end of desperation.  I think more often than not dreams change, and we pay the price for those changes (soul searching to the point of seriously annoying even our best friends, guilt, the mind-wrenching existential questions about what might have been, etc.).  We stack new dreams onto old ones, reorganize them, air some out after a few seasons when they are fashionable again, and even donate a few to charity.

I find it hard sometimes as a person and as a woman to organize my expectations, or whatever you’d like to call them.  My hopes for myself are often at odds with those of my friends, family, or society at large.  How does one love another fully without losing one’s sense of independent self?  How does one pursue one’s literary ambition without becoming entangled in the mundanities of common life?  How can one be clever and spirited without sacrificing one’s serious influence?  How, in short, can one have and be all that one wishes all at once!

Make no mistake: life, my dear, is not for the faint of heart.  Ruthless reason and passionate enthusiasm are required simultaneously, the one thing that we must guard against at all costs is apathy!

Yours, very cordially,
Miss Kirk


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My friend,

Our tete-a-tetes always leave me feeling absolutely invigorated, and I quite long to be schoolmates again.  Best of luck with your endeavors this weekend, and at some point we must convene with dear Mrs. Elliot for our usual “mending of fashions and spoiling of reputations.”

Yours cordially,
Miss Kirk

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