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My darlings,

We are officially less than a week away and I’m absolutely wretched because I am (as I am sure you all know) a horrid control freak…and now absolutely everything beyond this point is outside of my control!  If my relations choose to make an appearance and toss soup in the Prince of Wales’ face, I can do nothing.  If my hair dresser tumbles into the Thames, I can do nothing.  If the flowers fail to arrive, my gown gets stained/ripped/shrunk, or the entire party gets lost on the way to the nuptials, I can do nothing.

You may imagine how much this state of affairs pleases me.

In other unwelcome news, I’m off to my physician today for the Dreaded Exam singular to our gender as well as confirming all manner of arrangements for the wedding breakfast and ball.  A pair of events that, I think, do not at all go together in good taste!

Yours hurriedly,
Miss Kirk


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