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Miss Kirk,

You are too kind!  Although I do agree with the overall smooth running of the entire affair.  I was ecstatic with the perfect weather, since, at one point, I had to plan for snow.  I wore my dress for what will probably be the last time last night as I accepted congratulations from the family and friends of Mr. Tilney.

Our honeymoon has been a time of bliss, happiness, and lots of Disney!  But, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  We begin our journey back to reality tomorrow.  I will now be working full time and continuing to seek for teaching employment.  Now the fun of putting our apartment together really starts though, so that is a definite advantage.

My own family is not done with wedding planning it seems.  My younger sister announced her own engagement last week and intends to be wedded by the end of August.

With my own nuptials behind me, I am even more anxious for you to enter into the same state.  Your planning will pay off.  The entire event will be lovely.  And you will find the same happiness.  You’ll see.  Press on!


Mrs. Tilney (still adjusting to that!)

PS-Wishing you a happy birthday this coming Tuesday!  We should set up a lunch or dinner date at some point. 🙂


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My darling,

To quote our friend Miss Woodhouse, it is a good letter, much better than I would have expected.  The manner is gentlemanly and confident but not arrogant, indeed I think I may call it sweet.  But, my dear, you’ve left out some rather crucial details!  To whom was it written, and who wrote it to begin with?  Or is it a mystery that you have just stumbled upon?  Of course I hope to hear it from an admirer of yours, therefore write again and more explicitly as to the particulars behind it. 

Also, I still have your birthday gift sitting on my desk as we speak, can I at all prevail upon you to call on me today (my business will not let me leave my writing table I’m afraid)?  If not, I will wait upon you at your convenience tomorrow at any of the cafes or tea shops in town.

Yours conspiratorially,
Miss Kirk

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My dear ladies,

I came across this letter from a gentleman and must ask your opinion.

Dear Miss — :

During this past year, which it has been my singular good fortune to be recognized favorably amongst your host of friends and admirers, I have been tempted, time and again, to confide to you a secret which lies nearest of all to my heart; but until now I have been restrained by an irrepressible doubt of my worthiness to aspire to so great a happiness as that which I now am about to ask at you hands.

Ever since I first had the honor and extreme pleasure of your acquaintance I have felt creeping upon me, with ever-growing force, signs of a sentiment far stronger than that of respectful regard and admiration.

If this frank avowal does not fail to meet with a disposition on your part, at least, to cultivate a responsive sentiment, should such not yet be the state of your feelings, will you do me the honor to recognize my suit and accept me as an ardent aspirant for your heart and hand?

Earnestly hoping for an early and favorable reply,
I am, very respectfully yours,

Mr. —

Is it a good letter? The penmanship is confident. I must hear your opinions.

Sincerely yours,
Lady de Mimsy-Porpington

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Dear Miss Wollstonecraft,

I find myself in a similar plight of having no money yet wanting and needing new things. However, my delightful friends, the ladies of Cranford, have taught me much about “elegant economy.” Elegantly make-do with what you already have. Find new things out of old. Be scrappy. Finally, and most importantly, turn to your friends for love and support.

Elegantly yours,

Lady de Mimsy-Porpington

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My love!

Your wedding was an absolute sucess!  Your dress was a dream (are you sure it hasn’t come straight from Paris?), your whole person was lovely, and your countenance was radiant!  I hope Mr. Tilney is just as enthusiastic, but I rather suspect he is too busy being perfectly happy to be bothered by such bubbling mirth.  Do write as soon as ever you can and give up the insights of a newly married matron,

Miss Kirk

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